We provide the highest quality of natural, chemical-free and organic muscovado produced with respect for food safety, the environment and human welfare.

Organic Sugar Cane

We produce our own sugar canes farmed without pesticides & chemicals minding sustainable practices.

Sugar Cane Juice

Made from a single ingredient – organic sugar cane juice extracted the natural way to preserve its natural nutrients.

Farmed in Negros Island

Our sugar cane is farmed in Negros Oriental, Philippines, which, arguably, produces the best sugar canes in the country.

Global Market

We are the trusted supplier of top companies in health and food industry globally – in Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, UK and the US.


Our muscovado product is a healthy alternative to refined sugar.

Our products retain all nutrients from sugarcane, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants because the cane juice is not submitted to separation by centrifugation and bleaching as most other crystallized refined sugars making it a healthy alternative sweetener.

Taken from “value chain analysis of Muscovado sugar” Dept. of Agriculture Philippine rural development project: Muscovado is completely free from any harmful chemicals, such as phosphoric acid, formic acid, sulfur dioxide, preservatives, or any flocculants, bleaching agents or viscosity modifiers which are used in refined sugar thus considered to be the healthy sugar.





May not appear on our ingredient labels but they're sealed with every pack of muscovado we make.


Our product is available in multiple packaging and sizes depending on your needs.

Small Packaging

Our muscovado products come in smaller packages. We are looking to come up with more sizes in the future. We are also open to private labeling.

1000 grams

500 grams

Private label

25-kg Bag Packaging

For bulk orders, our product is available in 25-kg bag packaging. We are using a 3-layer kraft bag that’ll help maintain product quality when shipped or stored.

3-layer kraft bag

0.003 inner plastic lining

Bulk orders and private label

Certified Under

Making life even sweeter.

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